Not Keeping Windows Clean
Between external dirt and pollution and internal smudges and dust (oh my!), windows can quickly become dull, which in turn dulls the rest of your interior. But cleaning your windows regularly is a quick and easy way to keep your rooms looking crisp, bright and well-tended.

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Window Cleaning

Cleaning the inside and outside of windows.


Monthly - Homes and businesses near main roads, dirt roads and construction sites require this regular service. A must for high profile businesses and meticulous home owners. This regular service keeps windows always looking great!


Quarterly - This service keeps your home and business looking fresh and bright every season of the year. This prevents dirt buildup on your windows.


Spring/Fall - Twice a year service is necessary to maintain the overall appearance of your building or home. This bi-annual routine is essential for preserving and protecting your windows from unwanted buildup of dirt and contaminates which can stain windows over time.



Streak-Free Shine

Before and After

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is an essential part of home and building maintenance. The physical appearance adds tremendous pride and intrinsic value for its owners. Plus, it helps maintain the value of the property at or above market levels. We pressure wash houses, driveways, decks, roofs, pavers, parking lots, wood fences, among many others.

This is just a place holder.

Redwood Deck

Deck Staining

We have been cleaning and treating decks for ten years and along the way have learned the necessary procedures needed to maintain a deck at its highest quality. The most important consideration is the stain product which is applied to your wood. Each product has its own look and durability which needs to be evaluated before making a selection. The preparation of the deck is also vital for achieving maximum longevity. After a restoration of the deck, a maintenance schedule is recommended for keeping the deck in excellent shape both for looks and protection of the wood itself. An attractive deck is a big asset when selling your home.

Gutter Cleaning

We offer the very best service and pricing for gutter cleaning. Guaranteed! All debris is removed and gutters and downspouts are flushed thoroughly. The potential damage that can come from clogged gutters is pretty amazing. An ice dam can cause water to back-up under the shingles and cause interior leakage. If water overflows clogged gutters and runs down next to the house or building, this can cause extensive leaking and foundation problems. Either one of these problems can cause thousands of dollars in damages. A typical gutter cleaning ranges from $49 to $139 depending on your home or building. 

*GOOD TO KNOW: Make sure your gutters are sloped to drain toward downspouts and that water drains a minimum of (5) feet away from the foundation as it discharges from downspouts, When on the ground, you can inspect your gutters from underneath and look for leaks, rust spots or holes - caulk as necessary.


Before and After

Before and After

Building Wash/Mold Removal

Many homes and buildings in North Carolina have the infamous ‘north side mold’. This is the black streaks that stain your roof and your house or building usually on the north side. There are a few ways to remove and then treat this issue. If you are preparing to paint your home or building, this is strongly recommended to remove all dirt and mold. If mold isn’t removed, it can come through the paint within a year and ruin the looks of your new paint. All kinds of surfaces can be cleaned including vinyl, aluminum, stone, wood, brick and steel. Let us help you remove these unsightly marks off your home or building.

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